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Nov2014 21
Color Correction

Photoshop color correction is related with color and light. At first we have to find out what’s wrong with the picture, like whether the picture is too dark or whether it is not clean and then we have to make a list of the problems and prioritize the problematic areas in each image......

Jan2015 07
Website Virtual Office

In this technological world everything is going to easy to get anything. Anywhere in this world anyone can think to get anything and with some few of click they can get their expected product in their own hand. Every day adds some unique activities in our labor life, one of the activities additions and this is virtual office. And the company name is Clipexperts. Clipexperts play an important role for your company to care about your customer properly......

Nov2014 21

Cropping is one of the working tools to present an image with an attractive view. Cropping is the important things for a image to make improve, highlight the subject then other scenery. Crop is helps you to remove those parts of the images which you don’t use in the images.Image Crop diminish the image size without destroy the image.....

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