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Jan2015 07
Logo Design

Who you are?And what is your business? Logo speaks that, about your business. All the information include in a company logo. Sometimes everyone know the company by their logo, so logo is one of the important things of a company. All company firstly make their logo to introduce their self to every people in this world. Your logo will be the first impression for a visitor or customer. .....

Sep2010 23
Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple clipping path is a best techniques that we can separate colors from every item within an image, complete multiple fills, or change an object’s rotation or size. Photoshop multiple clipping path is the process of using clipping path to change the color of an individual parts of an image or photo, and also can make color correction, change color or add an extra color in the images. Multiple clipping path or color path is used for those images which need to isolation of parts and change the color of separate parts......

Sep2010 17
Web Design

Website is one of the main parts in virtual world and it is a best way to communicate to the world door to door. By your website you can show in the world that who you are and what you do. Every people can see properly your portfolio and can contact with you easily to get your service or get your product. So it is very important to you that you show your service by your own website.....

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