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Oct2010 09
Clipping Path

Clipping path is the selection outline made of the main product with the Pen tool for cut out images or the main object and change the image background. This is usually drawn using a pen tool in Photoshop in cutting out the image from its background. Clipping paths is applicable to different kind of images with hard and soft edges depending on the image editor's capabilities. When doing a clipping path, everything that is inside the path will be included and everything that is outside of path will be excluded. The use of clipping paths is highly utilized at least in the worldwide photo industry.....

Sep2010 23
Web Development

Website is one of the main part in virtual world and it is a best way to communicate to the world door to door. By your website you can show in the world that who you are and what you do. Every people can see properly your portfolio and can contact with you easily to get your service or get your product. In the world mostly people are don’t waste their time and they want to get service or product easily. Website is the way to give.....

Sep2010 17
Search Engine Optimization

Online search is the most important method of attracting target visitors in your Web site. Every day thousand and thousand people search as their requirement in the Internet for businesses, service, and others purpose. Now this time world is very fast and none wait for anyone....

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